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Telephone: 01142 343304
Fax: 01142 493930
Email: enquiries@wisewood-pri.sheffield.sch.uk
Head Teacher: Catherine Watkin
Chair Of Governors: Sandy Glossop

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Typical class room with opening doors.
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School Quad.
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Assembly Hall.

All people that on earth do dwell,
Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice,
Him serve with fear His praise forth tell,
Come ye before Him and rejoice.

To Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
The God whom Heaven and earth adore,
From men and from the Angel host
Be praise and glory evermore.


Click picture to see a map coloured by Primrose Lockwood.

"There were some prefab houses on Ben Lane Crescent, where Seven Fields is now. There were lots of old grey stone cottages on Luke Lane, Bland Lane, Coal Pit Lane, Rural Lane and the top of Laird Road."

by Primrose Lockwood

Can you do it? Click picture to read the Exercise RX 6.

"This is a page from a "mental arithmetic" book we had in the juniors. The teacher read out the questions and we wrote down the answers. Some of our "sums" were about shillings and pence. Twelve pennies made one shilling. s was short for shilling and d was short for pence."

by Primrose Lockwood

The Star

Newspapers in Education
News and Views
written by the pupils at Wisewood Primary

Wisewood Primary School is to the north-west of Sheffield, between Hillsborough and Wadsley.

It has 270 pupils between five and 11 and a thriving playgroup for three-fives.

Over the last year our school has been taking part in the DES Anti-bullying Project. Our emphasis has been to create a better environment around our school, with a nature garden, play areas and care for all.

The contributions on this page have been edited by Jodie King, Mark Aus­tin, Dean Armitage, Hannah Peach, Lisa Hewitt, Alec Rhodes, Jamie Roberts and Ben Perkins, with help from Mr Thornsby, our teacher.

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Do you have any school related photos that you would like to see on our website, or any interesting stories about your time at Wisewood Primary School that you would like to publish on this page? (If you have no scanner we can help you, email or call us on 01142 343304).


Our History

Wisewood Council School 1932

City of Sheffield Education Committee
  Wisewood was opened on the 11th of January 1932 as Wisewood Council Junior School. At a cost of 17,000 pounds to Sheffield direct labour department. It was to cater for children aged 5 to 9 years 9 months.  
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Wisewood Council School
Miss Edith Dunster
Miss Edith Dunster
First Head Teacher
  The school opened its doors and by 10.15 am 322 children had been admitted. The school consisted of 10 classrooms each housing 48 students. It was officially opened by Lord Mayor T.H Alderman and J.P Watkins on the 29th of April 1932.  
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First pupils at Wisewood School

Original text from "Official Opening"


Head Teacher : Miss Edith Dunster.

This School will ultimately consist of three Departments; the first Department is to be a Junior School, and is to form a separate building from the other Departments.

It is also the first school in the City in which north lighted classrooms have been adopted. In these classrooms the chief natural lighting is obtained from roof glazing on the north side, while on the south side doors to the full length of the room open on to the corridor. If the weather conditions do not allow of the doors being open, special ventilating hoppers in the doors provide varying degrees of ventilation.

The Department accommodates 480 scholars in ten classrooms (two of which are specially fitted up for Infants) with an Assembly Hall and the usual cloakrooms.

Over the staffrooms in the Central Block a Medical Clinic is arranged, consisting of a Waiting Room, Doctor's Room and Treatment Room. This Clinic will serve the children of the district, in addition to providing for the medical inspection of the children of the school.

The heating is by low pressure hot water and the artificial lighting is by electricity throughout.

The two quadrangles on either side of the Assembly Hall are pleasantly laid out and the playgrounds are marked for organised games.

The site for the three departments has an area of about 4,5 acres, and was acquired for the sum of £1,500.

The school was designed by the City Architect, Mr. W. G. Davies, F.R.I.B.A., and has been erected by the Direct Labour Department of the Sheffield Corporation, under his supervision, at an estimated cost of £17,000.

At Wisewood Primary School in the 1950s
by Primrose Lockwood
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Wisewood Primary School
  Looking back, lots of things were different then, the clothes we wore, the classrooms, every one with a green painted nature table, assemblies, our head teacher, Miss Bate, standing on the stage as we sang hymns about the sky and country lanes from our blue hymn books.  
Primrose Lockwood
Primrose Lockwood
At playtimes we played whip and top, skipped (what wonderful skipping rhymes we knew) or played handstand against a school wall. In the classroom we did sums or arithmetic (called maths or numeracy now), learnt to read from cards about Ann and Jim on the infant classroom walls, then progressed to Beacon reading books. We learnt our pence tables (old pence), twelve pennies = one shilling, eighteen pennies = one and six etc. and knew all about the dozen rule. (If twelve eggs cost two and six, what does one egg cost? ) We knew the definition of a noun by heart, “A noun is the name of a person, place, animal or thing”, wrote our compositions on subjects such as “My Pet” or “A day in the life of a penny” and took our annual reading tests in Miss Bate’s room, E.P. Bate printed on the door. (Some years ago I wrote to Miss Bate and asked what the initials stood for. I had always longed to know! She wrote back telling me, “Edith Parker.”)
The reception class (Miss Sewell’s classroom, and the first one on the top corridor ) had a fireplace with a fire burning and a fireguard, excellent for drying coats. If you look closely now, you can see where it once was. We did P.T. (P.E. ) in our pale blue infant shorts, provided by the school, our names written on tapes inside. In the Juniors we had dark blue ones and we were allowed to take these home when we left. (I still have mine!)
We went for a local history walk round Wadsley Village. The old cottages were still there then, and the remains of the Manor House on Laird Road. We did needlework (the boys, handwork!), sewed aprons, bags, needle cases and decorated these with embroidery stitches. We knitted too. (My sister even made a cardigan.) We learnt poems, sang folksongs, danced country dances, performed plays and at Christmas we had a Christmas tree in the hall, amazingly, with real candles on it.
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Team 1
  In our Junior 4 (Year 6) class we had two Rounders teams. (We are all wearing our dark blue junior school shorts.)  
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Team 2

These are just a few memories. ( I loved this school!) If you want to share any of your memories from this time, or earlier, please get in touch with me c/o Wisewood Primary School or by e-mail: primroselockwood@yahoo.com

Wisewood Primary School in the 1970s - 1990s

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Police relationship Scheme 1968
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Police relationship Scheme 1968
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Infant Baking day 1969
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Down on the Farm 1972
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Junior school football quiz finals 1975
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Chatsworth Farm 1975
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Natwest competition 1979
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Green Cross code man visit 1979
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Chinese Lion dancing 1982

We did it ourselves! 1992

Teamwork made new playground

New Playground, 1992
Playtime goes with a swing in the new adventure playground which was a team effort involving pupils, staff and parents

• Our school playground used to be boring. All we could do was play foot­ball, skip or run around.
But our headteacher Mrs Lowe wanted a better play­ground for us to have more fun. So we decided to do some­thing about it.
We started to raise money by spon­sored events, Spring Fayres and jumble sales.
We got some landscape architect students to change our playground using our ideas. In March this year they helped us to do some paintings on the school walls and the ground.
Last month we made an adventure playground with monkey bars and a log house. The playground is fun now.
by Alec and Jamie

• We have asked many people for their opinions about the playground. They all agree it has been a very suc­cessful project.
I think the thing that I am proud about is that we made that play­ground ourselves.
The parents raised the money, the children worked on the plans and then the parents and teachers built it with their own hands.
Mrs Lowe, headteacher

• The PTA wanted to give some­thing back to the children themselves.
It has taken us 18 months to raise the money. We are proud to have been involved in the improvements to the school playground.
It is great to see everyone having fun and burning off energy after being in a classroom all morning.

  • I think it's a good idea and I like it.
It's not dangerous. I like the way it is set out. My favourite thing is the scramble net.
The new playground is a lot better than the old one. The old one was bor­ing, there was nothing to do, there is now .
The Pupils

• The scheme should now provide many years of enjoyment to present and future pupils of Wisewood Primary School and I shall enjoy many quiet glows of satisfaction in having been a part, albeit minor, of that scheme.
Mr Broadhurst, Engineering Consultant

In the playground

In the playground
Some people
Play in the house
Or sit in the house and talk
To each other.
Some people
Play on the apparatus
Some people
Mess about on the chains
Some people
Run to the snake and have lots of fun.
Amy Fairest

In the top yard

In the top yard
There's something special.
Something brown
Log buildings
Something soft
Wood chippings
Every Monday
I run up to the top yard
To go to that
Some special
Lisa Hewitt













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